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Galetech Group continues global expansion with UK investment

·      Cavan-based renewable energy group enters joint venture with Adamas Wind and plans to create 30 new specialist roles

·      Adamas Wind, with its headquarters in Northampton and service centers across the UK, provides scheduled maintenance to wind turbines supplying over 1GW of clean energy in the UK

·      Galetech Group also appoints former EDF Renewables Head of Operations for the UK and Ireland, Gareth Jackson, as Group Operations Director.

Galetech Group has announced it has formally completed the process to enter a joint venture with Adamas Wind. The company, with headquarters in Northampton England and service centers across the UK, currently offers operations and maintenance services to the wind and solar industry around the UK.

This latest investment by Galetech Group, led by Darren Sherry, continues a significant period of growth for the company. Since 2021 Galetech Group has acquired operations and maintenance firm Optinergy, entered the Australian market through Galetech Australia, and acquired Northern Ireland-based Precision Gear Company, now known as Optigear.

Galetech Group, under the direction of Darren Sherry, has made its most recent investment, which extends the company's notable phase of expansion. Since 2021, the Galetech Group has acquired a Precision Gear Company, based in Northern Ireland, and the operations and maintenance company Optinergy. Galetech Australia has also entered the Australian market.

The investment in Adamas Wind significantly bolsters Galetech Group’s maintenance offering for global clients. Adamas Wind is currently contracted to provide scheduled maintenance services for wind turbines operated by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) in the UK, along with services to over 100 independent wind turbines. Adamas Wind’s current operations ensure that turbines delivering over 1GW of clean energy are operating efficiently and safely.

Global energy firm Vattenfall has recently contracted Adamas Wind to provide maintenance services for their Swinford wind farm which supplies 22MW of clean energy, or the equivalent of powering the annual energy needs of over 16,500 homes.

Galetech Group has identified the UK Independent Service Provider (ISP) sector as a key focus of growth over the coming years. As a result of the strategic investment in Adamas Wind, Galetech Group are targeting a threefold increase in ISP maintenance support over the next 3 years, from 1GW to 3GW. This will be supported by the creation of 30 specialist roles across the same timeframe. As a result of this joint venture Galetech Group now provides a dual maintenance offering across Ireland and the UK.

Galetech Group has also announced the appointment of Gareth Jackson as Group Operations Director. Gareth formerly held significant positions at Siemens and served as EDF Renewables Head of Operations and Maintenance for the UK and Ireland.

Darren Sherry, Director of Galetech Group, said:

“Our investment in Adamas Wind not only continues our international growth strategy but also expands our presence in the UK's renewable assets operation and maintenance market. We are excited to be given the chance to bring Galetech Group's almost three decades of pioneering renewable energy experience and knowledge to the UK. This partnership represents an important step forward in our mission to make a positive impact on the environment.”


David Still, Chairman of Adamas Wind, said:

“This partnership comes at a crucial time, as the demand for sustainable energy solutions continues to grow. By joining forces with Galetech Group, we will be able to accelerate the development of our projects, expand our reach across the UK, and bring clean, renewable energy to more communities. Together, we are committed to driving innovation, reducing carbon emissions, and creating a brighter and more sustainable future for generations to come.”

Galetech Group, headquartered in Stradone, County Cavan, currently employs over 140 people with operations in Ireland, the UK, Benelux, Greece, South Africa, and Australia.


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