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Cop 27 Update

Upon Micheál Martin’s arrival back home from #cop27egypt the Dáil heard that "more urgent action" is needed from the Government to address Ireland's high greenhouse gas emissions 🌏.

Accelerating offshore wind is one of the best ways Ireland can accelerate climate action. “We need to focus more on delivery measures to realise those targets. We all have work to do. Ireland has work to do. We achieved a lot with onshore wind. We need to ensure we can accelerate offshore,” Mr Martin said.

At Galetech Group we help make our #energytransition a reality. We have delivered 495 MW of wind and currently have 615 MW in our development pipeline. We must stop and reverse the bad environmental decisions that we made in the past, and protect our #eco systems for the future. One size will not fit all peoples' ideas and solutions but we must try and accelerate our journey along the #cleanenergyrevolution


“Let us not take the highway to hell, but earn our clean ticket to heaven!” Ursula von der Leyen.


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