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GaletechGroup staff

At Galetech passion for renewable energy and sustainability defines and motivates us


 Mountain Lodge Wind Farm

Planning permission granted for Mountain Lodge Wind Farm


Mountain Lodge Windfarm Phase 1

Phase 1 of Mountain Lodge Wind Farm begins construction with a ground breaking at the Edrans site.


EnergyPRO appointed asset managers for Altagowlan and Moneenatieve Windfarms

These wind farms in County Roscommon are still operational and include 9 Gamesa 850kW turbines.


The construction of Mountain Lodge Windfarm begins.

Mountain Lodge wind farm will eventually consist of 17 turbines and through the course of the farms lifetime it will have the capability to produce 535,610kWh of renewable energy.


The formation of Galetech Energy Developments

Following the success of the Mountain Lodge project Herman Busschots joins the Sherry, Galetech founders and establishes GED. GED is established to develop large scale wind projects which will be located throughout Ireland. Within 2 years of operating GED projects have already started development at locations situated across Europe and Africa.


Galetech Energy Services begins operation

Donogh O'Brien & Paul Carney join the Galetech Group and establish Galetech Energy Services. GES is a renewable energy consultancy and services provider and it's mission is to provide development support, technical advisory, project management & engineering services from project feasibility right through to construction and operation.


Galetech celebrates Global Wind Day for the first time

Global Wind Day is a worldwide event that happens every year on the 15 June. It's a day for discovering wind energy, it's power and the possibilities it holds to reshape our energy systems, decarbonise our economies and boost jobs and growth. Celebrating this day has become a Galetech tradition, a tradition that continues to this day.


The launch of the Mountain Lodge Community Fund

Working with the community is fundamental to what Galetech Group does and every Galetech project has a community perpective factored into planning and execution. The launch of the Mountain Lodge Communty Fund was the first of it's kind for Galetech and community focused work continues to be one of the main success stories for the group. Community development is at the core of Galetech. We work with local landowners and community groups in an effort to support the localities where wind farms are operational. The GED goal is that through collaboration with the wider community together they will contribute towards creating a cleaner, greener, locally affluent and sustainable world.


Optinergy Operation & Maintenance group is formed

Bridging a gap for customer focused and reliable O&M support that is targeted at renewable sector Optinergy is born. Optinergy is now Ireland's largest independently owned O&M provider and the business is a trusted service provider to many of the industries biggest players.


A visit to Edrans Wind Farm by An Taoiseach Brian Cowan


EnergyPRO expand their operations and open an office in Co. Cavan. At this time they also begin working with Galetech Energy Services

Initally working together on a 9 turbine project for Enercon Galetech Energy Services and Energypro continue to work together and collaborate to this day. Both businesses offer a unique-in- market asset management and energy services product combination that clients appreciate.


EnergyPRO celebrates reaching an asset management target of 400MW

This milestone demonstrated the increased capability and expertise that EnergyPro were rapidly developing in the Irish Market. This year the business expand even further with the opening of a new office in County Cork.


Old Mill, first collaboration with Storm Management


Galetech formalises operations with MHL EnergyPRO and together they form EnergyPRO asset management

This joint venture revolutionised the Irish Renewable Asset Management sector and set a new standard on how renewable farms should be operated and managed.


Galetech Energy Services attends NIRIG Annual Conference

This conference was held back in 2017 to celebrate that locally 1GW of renewable electricy had been generated. Back then, Ireland had a renewable energy target of just 50% but since 2020 this target has increased to 70% which is supposed to be achieved by 2030.


The construction of Liffey Meats wind turbine is complete

Located in Ballyjamesduff in Co. Cavan this project marked a new era in how manufacturing facilities could be powered in Ireland. One of the first of it's kind in Ireland this behind-the meter project produced and continues to produce green energy onsite for use at the facility. Also incorporated into this project was infront- of -the- meter capability, meaning excess energy could be offset to the grid.


Galetech expands operations to South Africa

Galetech carried out a ZephIR 300 Lidar campaign for Kipeto Energy at their 100MW wind farm project in Kenya. This wind farm is currently the second largest wind project in South Africa and is supplying green power to over a quarter million households.


EnergyPRO appointed asset managers for Glanaruddery Wind Farm and also expands their operations to Scotland

In 2018 EnergyPro surpassed the 700MW analysis and management threshold. EnergyPRO Pperations continued to expand into new market and the business established it's first overseas office in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Kipeto Wind Farm reaches financial closing

Since 2011 Galetech supported the owners of this project. Both GED and GES supported the owners with development, planning, environmental, project management and they also offered technical and owners engineering advice. The financial closing of this project heralded a new level of collaboration with the asset owners, a collaboration which continues to this day.


Construction begins of Carrickallen Wind Farm

Located in County Cavan this wind farm will consist of 10 Senvion machines using a mixture of their MM82 and MM92 turbine classes. Located between Mountain Lodge and Bindoo wind farms Carrickallen was granted planning permission by An Bord Pleanála in 2014.


Galetech supports Greencoat Renewables on Killala Community Wind Farm

This County Mayo wind farm is a 17MW windfarm, comprising five Siemens turbines. The project was developed to output 52GWh of energy annually which is enough energy to power up to 10,000 family homes. During the project developement Galetech supported the clients on technical due diligence services and also formed the advisory team when closing the community wind farm transaction.


Greencoat Renewables invests in Carrickallen Wind Farm

The acquisition of 50% of this 20.5MW windfarm brings Greencoat Renewables’ portfolio of operational wind assets to an aggregate capacity of 538MW worldwide.


Neoen acquires 35.4MW in Ireland

During this project Galetech Energy Services (GES) provided clients Neoen with full technical, due diligence service in the context of their acquisition of 8 wind farms in Ireland, which had a total capacity of 53.4MW.


Galetech Sustainable Living is formed

Sustainable living (GSL) was was established to respond to growing demand for robust, innovative construction solutions in the Irish residential and commercial property sectors. The GLS model is to Innovate and revolutionize the construction and off- site delivery of housing using sustainability driven methods. The goal of the group is to create modern, high-quality and energy efficient communities not just housing developments.


Optinergy signs a deal with Neoen

Signing a landmark O&M contract with client Neoen shows the industry why Optinergy are Ireland's O&M leaders.


Galetech Measurement Services is formed

Strengthening the claim even further that Galetech offers a one-stop-shop for renewable industry clients GMS is formed to offer qualitative and quantitative measurement services across the entire sector. Using the latest lidar and met mast technology, in addition to offering acoustic and foundation monitoring the business unit offers clients the competitive edge when it comes to monitoring site performance and feasibility.


Galetech Opens new office in Western Australia.

In late 2021 Galetech Group expanded into the Australian market, with the launch of Galetech Australia Pty Ltd. The focus of this new entity is to provide advisory services in renewables, ESG reporting and carbon reduction strategies to large energy using clients from across many sectors including agriculture, food & beverage, and mining.


Optigear is formed

Optigear  was formed following Galetech Group’s acquisition of Precision Gear Company in the summer of 2022. The new company’s unwavering focus is to extend the life of the current fleet of wind turbines. Optigear serves clients in the European and UK wind, rail, marine, and mining sectors and work in collaboration with another Galetech Group company, Optinergy. Optigear offers full gearbox repair and refurbishment services and offer the management and climate-controlled storage of renewable parts


Manannan Offshore Wind Projects

Manannan offshore wind farm project development is being led by Galetech Energy Developments.  We are an Irish based renewables company founded in 2000 with over 130 employees with skills across wind, solar and storage development, planning, grid solutions, project management, construction, operations and maintenance and asset management. 

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