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What impact will having a wind farm in my community have on my local area?

A wind farm can deliver substantial benefits to the community in which it's located.

Depending on the size of the wind farm, between 100 to 120 jobs can be created during the construction phase. A large-scale wind farm would also provide several permanent jobs, between six and ten depending on size, in operations, maintenance and support.

There are many local benefits including:

  • Rates paid by the wind farm to the Local Authority – local County Councils will support the provision of local services.

  • Community Ownership.

  • Amenity and wildlife areas/walking and cycling trails.

  • Support for local schools, community groups and organisations through community benefit funds.

  • Some wind farms operate a ‘Near Neighbour’ policy scheme where households living close to wind farms would see reductions in their electricity bills or other direct payments or supports.


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