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Junior Pollinator Plan 🌼

The aim of Pollinator Plan Juniors is to enable students to help our pollinating insects that are struggling to find food and are declining in numbers. The health of our pollinators is crucial to ensure the sustainability of our food, avoid additional economic impacts on agriculture, and protect the health of the environment. Through the Pollinator Plan Juniors, students can learn about our pollinators, why they’re important, and what they need to survive. The programme includes many resources and lesson plans for classes that offer students a constructive way to help the planet and ecosystems, protect biodiversity, and learn about growing and gardening.

Scoil Maodhóg too the pollinator plan into their own hands ! 👐🏽

The Action plan:

Timeline: April 2023- June 2023. Meeting every 2 weeks. The pupils will be able to access the area daily and watch the development of the site.

Budget:  Grant will be spent on seeds, plants, new soil to prepare area, gardening tools to help prepare area and bright colourful child friendly signage.

Impact: It will create a new type of wildlife area in the school garden, promoting biodiversity. A goal will be to increase the variety of plants and flowers available to the bees. The new area will be available to over 60 children, providing hands on resource for Science and Geography learning. The school garden is also open for local community events held in the school. The colourful planted area can also act as a stimulus for art lessons. 

Location: The new area will be in the existing school garden.

The Progression:

Busy preparing the new area and organising seeds and plants.

The Final Result:

Team leader, Margaret McCabe has spoken about the project saying "The Funding has provided a wonderful colourful addition to the school grounds. The pupils enjoyed being outside in the school garden developing this new habitat. The fund covered the cost of resources needed, ranging from timber, top soil, compost, flowers seeds and gardening tools.

The project will continue into the future with the pupils currently preparing the new area for the winter, clearing and tending to the soil"

Looking forward to what the future holds for Scoil Maodhóg! 🌼

Carrickallen community fund is a yearly fund intendended for local residents of the Carrickallen area and is supported by Galetech Energy Developments and Greencoat Renewables. For further information on the fund and how you can access the funding contact our Community Liaison Deirdre on 087 1163978


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