Bracklyn Wind Farm, the next chapter

Galetech Energy Developments Ltd. is delighted to report that our Bracklyn Wind Farm Project has received notice of a grant of planning from An Bord Pleanála. This notice marks a positive milestone, as we move towards delivering Ireland’s energy transition.

When constructed Bracklyn Wind Farm will consist of 9 wind turbines, which will produce enough clean energy to energize 38,300 Irish households every year.

During Last month, Ireland set a new wind energy record by providing 30% of the countries power by wind. That’s up 6% in comparison to 2021. It’s through projects like Bracklyn Wind Farm that we will together achieve our net zero targets.

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Today is about celebrating the potential of wind, and thinking about how by adapting it's power as our primary energy resource we will overcome the current climate crisis and decarbonise our world. Ga