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Galetech Expands to the Australian Market

Galetech Group is delighted to announce that we are expanding our international presence with the opening of a new office in Australia. Galetech Australia will be led by Dermot Costello, who brings over 20 years of experience in the global renewables sector.

The Australian market represents a huge opportunity for the Group, with its range of heavy industry and agricultural firms as well as a recent commitment from the new Australian Government to place sustainability as a key priority. The experience the Group has gained over many years in the EMEA market gives us the expertise that the Australian market now demands, and we are truly looking forward to continuing to expand the business in Australia and beyond.

One of our key products to be delivered from our Australian office will be ESG and Dermot will be speaking at the upcoming ESG Summit22happening in Croke Park, 31 May.


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